Soil Investigation

We have executed more than 4000 geotechnical investigation projects for Bridges, Multi Story Buildings, Intake Wells, ROBs, Infrastructure Projects etc. We are NABL accredited laboratory since 2012. We have advanced equipments for field and laboratory tests for geotechnical investigation. We have highly qualified and experience staff having master degree in geotechnical engineering.

Type of Work Executed

  • Soil investigation for water and gas pipelines.
  • Soil investigation for bridges.
  • Soil investigation for foundation of special towers.
  • Soil investigation for elevated services reservoirs.
  • Soil investigation for multistoried buildings and factory project.
  • Probability survey of French wells.
  • Soil investigation for sugar factories.
  • Soil investigation for residential colony.
  • Soil investigation of captive power plant.
  • Mechanically rotated hydraulic feed rotary machine.
  • Mechanical rotary rig (Calex)
  • Manual boring equipment
  • Pressuremeter GA capacity 80 bars.
  • Static Cone Penetration Equipments (20 T capacity)
  • SPT/DCPT test setup with Automatic Free Fall Hammer
  • Field vane shear test
  • Floating platform for 5.1 * 3.5 mts. For under water investigation.
  • Soil Resistivity Meter.
  • Field CBR Test.
  • Plate load / Modulus of Subgrade reaction (K Value) test
  • Pile Integrity Tester
  • Pile Driving Analyzer
  • Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus
  • Consolidation Test Apparatus
  • Pipet Analysis Apparatus
  • Automatic Compactor
  • Point Load test Apparatus
  • Slake Durability Apparatus
  • Compaction Test Apparatus
  • CBR Test Load Frame
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Glassware

Our Field Of Services

Urban Infrastructure


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